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(frequently asked questions)

Do you provide transfer service?

We provide transportation services in the countries where we work. We previously evaluate the feasibility of delivery, to avoid setbacks and guarantee delivery.

How do they unload them from the truck?

Trucks have hydrogroge. Allowing you to position the container quickly and securely at its final destination. We recommend that you consider how far away the container is from your location when hiring the hydrogrox. Since it is often more accessible for the customer to take care of obtaining a hydrogrox. In this way, they do not incur the costs associated with moving machinery over long distances.

What are sea containers made of?

They are made of 18mm thick corten steel, which makes them highly resistant. Its floors are maritime compensated, with a thickness of 30 mm.

Are container dwellings hot?

The adapted containers are insulated in such a way that they can be inhabited and have the temperature that we find in a normal construction.

Is it necessary to unload the container on some kind of base?

The container must be insulated from the ground to prevent it from absorbing moisture. We recommend building some pillars or bases, they can be made of concrete or wood, the usual measurements are 20 cm x 20 cm. You can also burn the grass in the area where your container will go and it is best to cover that area with pavement.

What height of container is recommended to use it as a home?

It is important to take into account the habitable height, which corresponds to 2.4-1.4 meters. For which, 40-foot containers (2.7 mt high) are the most recommended for housing.

Are there different types of quality in the containers? (ASIS, CW, IICL-5, NEW)

The containers are classified according to their conditions. Dividing into:

NEW: those containers with a trip, that trip ends up being originally, from the factory in China to the destination where you are purchasing it.

CW: cargo worthy or suitable for cargo, containers that despite their years of use are still in good condition to transport cargo. Unlike the new ones, they have wear from the years they have been in use, presenting a more deteriorated aesthetic, but it is still good and 100% watertight.

ASIS: storage. Containers that have completed their useful life transporting cargo, but that can serve as a storage room, to build a home, or other possible uses. They present some scratches, deterioration and a less attractive aesthetic, even so, it is necessary to evaluate the destination that will be given, since the price difference in relation to containers suitable for cargo (CW) or new is considerable.

Do the containers have a shelf life?

Yes, they have a shelf life. It ends up being divided by cycles, the new cw are in service for approximately 15-20 years. For storage, it can last more than double, with basic paint care and proper floor insulation.

Once the purchase is paid, how long will it take to receive it?

Once the payment is received, the container is delivered within a minimum period of 2-4 business days.

Do you sell all over the world?

Yes, we sell in more than 30 countries with regional offices in more than 3 continents.

Can the price vary or is it stable?

The price of our containers varies depending on the variables, age and condition of it. There is usually no big on jumps, even so, the commercial department will be assisting you in case we are in a situation with some variability.

Do the doors have some kind of security bar?

No, they have a knob similar to a door. In any case, it is possible to place a normal padlock on them or use more security padlocks with a lock for both doors. It depends directly on who is going to use it, what security measures they want to take.

Do you rent containers?

Yes, the rental possibilities in different markets depend a bit on the term.

Do you make modifications?

No, SILVERSEA is only responsible for supplying customers with the raw material for the modification.

How is the purchase process at SILVERSEA?

The first step is to send the quote by the corresponding salesperson. Once received, it will be in charge of monitoring and advising you within 48 hours after sending the budget. If necessary, a re-quote with new options can be sent. Once the product is chosen, SILVERSEA waits for the payment to be made to put the Customer Service sector in contact with the corresponding customer. They will be in charge of coordinating the day and time of the delivery, defining a contact person and the delivery conditions.